“Out Loud” – Cage The Elephant Single Review

Written by on March 6, 2024

Article by Emily Rabeno

Alternative rock band known for hits like “Cigarette Daydreams” and “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked,” Cage The Elephant released a new single titled “Out Loud” followed by an album announcement and a tour. 

“Out Loud” is one of their slower and very meaningful songs. This song shows many themes of the lead singer Matthew Shultz going through hard times with drug abuse and overcoming them. Before releasing their song, Matthew Shutlz posted about his time before getting arrested last year and his journey with getting sober over and getting help this last year. It takes so much guts to come out with a statement like he did.

While promoting “Out Loud,” frontman Matthew Shultz said “Maybe it’s so straightforward and honest, because I didn’t know if it would see the light of day. ‘Out Loud’ is very connected to my father. My dad’s the reason we discovered music in the first place. When he died, ‘Out Loud’ just poured out of me. My efforts towards the song were deeply rooted in paying honor to him, and I knew it meant a lot to Brad [Shultz], too. […] It was almost a subconscious apology of sorts before I was fully capable of grasping the gravity of it all.”

To know that “Out Loud” is also connected to the Shultz’s father is very touching and I’m glad they also have this song to connect and honor their father is so special. 

Cage the Elephant has made only a handful of somber songs throughout their years. Every album in my opinion should have a sad song for those who are in their feelings. But maybe this one should’ve been left out or had a different melody. Everyone has their own opinions but this song isn’t one of my favorites. The way I’ve been describing it is like I’ve heard it before. Maybe it’s the music being played or that it’s just a sad song and it puts me down.

This song is good but I probably won’t seek this song out like I would with “Neon Pill” their other newest single. Other than me not liking it, I can appreciate how meaningful this song is and the fact that you can hear and tell that lead singer Matthew Shultz is trying to get over his drug addiction. 

Not only does this song show signs of drug addiction it shows that Shultz doesn’t know who he is anymore but he is trying to be himself, he’s trying to get over it, he’s getting better, and doesn’t want to mess up his progress. All and all this song just shows him regretting his choices and making them better as well as overcoming them. 

Image from Linkfire.