New Writing Department Comes to Montclair State University

Written by on April 18, 2017

Montclair State University is welcoming a brand new department on campus. The Writing Studies Department is under the School of Humanities and Social Science and plans to offer more opportunities to students. Jennifer Guercio, a full time instructor under Writing Studies explained how the new department is focusing on teaching and writing in all different types of genres, such as business and science. The showcase event to introduce the department was held on April 12th in the Feliciano building.

Although it wasn’t packed, students still made an attempt to come to find out information on the department. Freshman Nidhi Shah shed light on Writing Studies at Montclair State. “The new department is actually cool because they are actually trying to go towards your major and it can teach you more writing skills for your field of study,” she said.

At the showcase, sophomore Curtis Watkins took the spotlight as one of the winners for the 2016 Exemplary Essay. “I feel very satisfied winning the award because all my hard work paid off in the long runs staying up all night, doing all that work to proof read the paper over and over again. But, it feels really good,” he said. Mr. Watkins also had his father come in and support him as he got his award.

As the hour passed by, the event began to fill up with students; some even changing their majors and minors to incorporate the writing field. Freshman Ali Saadeldin is very positive about the new department. “Seeing this event, I think it is very creative, it is attracting a lot of people and I think it is going to be a pretty big success,” she said. The new Writing Studies Department will begin in the summer offering many different courses for students to choose from.

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