“Need You” by Jeff Nelson Review

Written by on December 5, 2019

By Kyle Pepitone

Over the summer of 2019, New Jersey’s very own Jeff Nelson released his newest single titled “Need You.” Following an album of cover songs, “Need You” is Nelson’s second original single and perfectly showcases his abilities as a singer-songwriter. The song’s catchy drumbeat throughout the song gives the song a more upbeat tone despite its rather somber message. “Need You,” tells the story of loss. Nelson has said that the song has two possible meanings. The first meaning can be seen as a culmination of relationship experiences where things didn’t work out between the song’s main character and a girl he liked, resulting in them drifting apart. The other meaning of the song is closely related to the first. However, the second way of seeing the song has a more platonic tone. The second meaning deals with friends drifting apart as the main character yearns to have their close friend back.


Rating: 10/10