Music Review: Vacation by Seaway

Written by on October 4, 2017

By: Peter Zezas

If after listening to Neck Deep’s newest album, The Peace and The Panic, you find yourself wanting more pop punk vibes then Seaway is the band for you. The simplistic lyrics allow for the listener to sing along and jump around without thinking too hard. Vacation paints a picture that simply says “Just Having Fun” all over it. Although the entire album is static in its sound and effect, it’s just too much fun to focus on their lack of dynamics. Overall, this album is very similar to State Champs and Neck Deep, as well as, many other bands who share this great love to show that sometimes music is just, fun.

The album cover shows an adventurous young personality that attracts anyone in sight. The stickers from all over the place showing they aren’t ready to settle or give up. “Neurotic” is my favorite because vocalist, Ryan Locke, exposes a bit of himself in this song. He sings about his inner demons and feelings, alongside his desire to be famous. “Wake me up when I’m famous”, has been used many times over but it seems to still spark an interest in me from Seaway’s use of it. Altogether, this album is a 7 out of 10; proves it can still sound fresh and exciting with a sound that some may find worn out.