Music Review: “Took Our Sons Away” By Baby Jesus

Written by on October 12, 2017

Baby Jesus revitalizes someone of rocks most influential names with their second album “Took Our Sons Away”. With retro psychedelic sensibilities, this is not what most people are listening to in 2017. The Swedish garage rock band’s album doesn’t give off the sound of a stadium-filling pop-artist. “Took Our Sons Away” is the LP of a group that fills a dive bar in the best way possible. Their Second album released through Yippee Ki Yay Records, Baby Jesus appears to be a direct, musical descendant of Link Wray & The 13th Floor Elevators, both of whom reached their fame in the 50’s and 60’s when the genre “Rockabilly” was born.

While they attribute much of their influence to The Elevators/Swedish bands who adapted a similar persona, their second album is something more. Its pure unshaped music and has reminisce of 60’s/70’s psychedelic rock, a blend of the Zombies and Jefferson Airplane. Baby Jesus shows a dynamic ability to change up their tone and live through different paces from song to song. This is especially relevant on tracks “Feel for your Girl” and “Feel So Good” which demonstrates the band’s range and ability to dive into different levels of sound. With another record in the works and the band set to go on tour in early 2018, I would recommend this album.