Music Review: “More Nothing” by Baby in Vain

Written by on October 13, 2017

Listening to the debut LP of Danish band, Baby in Vain, is like going through a wormhole from early 90’s punk rock. The album titled “More Nothing” transcends traditional genre and takes influence from Bands all across music. While the album relies heavily on its two guitarists Andrea Thuesen Johansen and Lola Hammerich, songs like “I Have your Eyes” & “Low Life” have a strong Indie influence. They are in comparison, a 180 from earlier songs on the album “Transcendent” & “To Heaven and Back” that embody a punk/garage rock style.

What the three women from Denmark; Johansen, Hammerich, and drummer Benedicte Pierleoni have created with “More Nothing” a complicated and imperfect album without a clear identity. They have hints of a traditional Metal influence and resemble early works from bands L7, Hole, and the modern band PINS. Specifically resembling the 1991 project “Pretty on the Inside” released by Hole and “L7” from L7, their 1988 debut album. Ultimately when I listen to “More Nothing”, I felt motivated to fight someone or break a window (in a good way). If anything, the album is worth a listen and can be found on Spotify & iTunes. If you like “More Nothing” their EP “For the Kids” is still streaming on SoundCloud.