Mountain Brews Self-Tinted EP Review

Written by on October 22, 2019

By Sam Delgado

     Born out of grateful dead cover band Richard Pictures, Mountain Brews released their bite sized self-titled EP in June this year. John Pullman “Jake” Longstreth, Jr., Richard Pictures’s guitarist, formed Mountain Brews as its frontman and promoted the Mountain Brews EP release on the beats1 radio show Time Crisis, which is co-hosted by Vampire Weekend’s own frontman Ezra Koenig. The project features instrumentals and vocal harmonies that transport you right to the west coast mountainside, and could easily be mistaken for a pocket of long lost Grateful Dead b-sides.

     The album opens with “Mountain Brews,” a simple song celebrating a refreshing afternoon hike with your bros, because sometimes you gotta appreciate the little things, like cracking open a cold mountain brew with your best buds. “Tequila Noon” follows with a shift in mood; The song’s pensive lyrics, melancholic guitar twang, and vocal harmonies remind me of Jake Longstreth’s landscape paintings of picturesque west coast views. But listeners don’t have to feel down for too long because “Strong Choice” picks up the tempo once again. The song is reminiscent of those positive vibes found in California jam band tunes, and really, what’s better than this? Just guys bein’ dudes. Homies helping homies! The clear guitar tones really help carry the track’s feel good energy. Finally, Mountain Brews EP winds down with “You Eagled” – a song that uses golfing imagery to express the feeling of having peaked and accepting that realization. Rather than letting the fear of aging swamp your thoughts, maybe you should just grab a cold drink and exist in the moment. Light piano tunes juxtapose the song’s mournful theme.

     All in all, Mountain Brews really captures the tasteful palette of 70s rock in this EP. Although it’s kind of one note and predictable, that’s sort of the point. Mountain Brews EP is less about reinventing the wheel and more about rolling along with it. I’m not mad at it! The album is a joy and a must listen for all deadheads and jam band enthusiasts.


Fave Tracks: Mountain Brews & You Eagled

Rating: 70 out of 70