Mom Jeans Concert Review

Written by on November 9, 2018

By Sarah Gregor

On Saturday, November 3rd I saw the band Mom Jeans at Asbury Lanes. Asbury Lanes sounds exactly how you think it would: it is a bowling alley. This was somewhat off-putting in terms of wondering how the venue was going to cater to a band in the middle of a bowling alley, but the place was actually very spacious. There was only about five lanes in the back of the room, the rest of the place was a stage and enough floor space to hold around 200 people. It is definitely somewhere I wouldn’t mind going to again.

Mom Jeans were very fun on stage. While I occasionally listen to them, what I had failed to realize is that their concerts are very rough. I did not intend to be in the middle of a mosh pit, but apparently that’s the kind of crowd they want. The crowd was super energetic and the band was very communicative with us, asking us questions in between songs and taking pictures while on stage. That’s something I personally like because it makes me feel more in touch with the artists. Overall, despite the roughness of the crowd, everyone was super nice and Mom Jeans sounded great and had awesome energy. I definitely recommend seeing them in concert if you’re interested in their music!
P.S. Three bands opened up for Mom Jeans – Retirement Party, awakebutstillinbed, and Just Friends, all of which were similar to Mom Jeans if you’re interested in more bands to check out!

RATING 4.2/5