Milkey Chance “Mind the Moon” Album Review

Written by on December 5, 2019

By Andre Souza

Milky Chance’s new album, “Mind the Moon” is a unique addition to the diverse discography that they established early in their music careers. The German duo manages to give listeners a fresh and original experience while staying faithful to their style. When listened in its entirety, it is easy for anyone listening to find something that they like in this attention-grabbing, alternative-pop album.

            The unique vocal styles of Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch have always been one of the main reasons why Milky Chance is a prominent group in the modern alternative world, however in “Mind the Moon,” the Afro-pop and Latin influences in the instrumentals and lyrics is what makes this album stand out compared to their two previous albums. Songs like “Fado” and “Right on Here” emulate the Spanish style that Milky Chance is paying homage to and songs like “Daydreaming” and “Eden’s House” express the more soulful side of the group.

            While the overall concept of the album is creative and interesting, its main flaw is a near-fatal one; no individual song in the album stands out. The ideas presented in the song’s hook are great, but Milky Chance fails to progress each song and maintain the listeners’ attention. Upon my initial listen, I became frustrated by the predictable nature of each song, and it felt like I knew how the song would end every time. This made the album difficult to pay attention to and unfortunately this album feels like background music.

Rating: 5.5/10