“MIDAS” – Wunderhorse Review

Written by on April 21, 2024

Review by Katherine Garcia –

Just scrolling through Spotify’s new rock releases, I came across “MIDAS” by Wunderhouse. This is their first single since their debut album back in 2022 so this was a very long wait for fans. On first listen, it struck me as super similar to Julian Casabalanca’s voice and execution which intrigued me. Looking back at their other songs like Leader of the Pack and Purple, I find that it is a nice change in sound.

Wunderhorse is an English rock band made up of four guys, Jacob Slater, Harry Fowler, Peter Woodin, and Jamie Staples. They are a huge hit in the UK Indie seen for their reckless teenage sound.

This new song “MIDAS” starts with a super catchy guitar riff and comes in with drums that just make you want to get up and it fills up the song with life. The vocals on this track are also one of my favorite things on this song. In my opinion, they’re reminiscent of Julian Casablancas or Bob Dylan, their musical buildups mixed with Slater’s vocals and lyricism create a perfect blend that packs a punch compared to their other songs.

Slater says in an interview: “Midas is the guy who makes you feel like a pencil stub, all used up and nothing to show for it, but it’s always just business as far as he’s concerned.” Slater’s lyrics go deep talking about how people use you out “like a pencil stub” for nothing on one end and everything to benefit on the other.

The band is also on tour with Declan McKenna, which is putting their name out there even more than it is, and with this new sound and single, they can open the world’s eyes to Wunderhouse.

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