Marching for Climate Change

Written by on September 29, 2019

By Peter Zezas

Hundreds of Thousands are Marching Across the Globe for Climate Change

Greta Thunberg fights for passion throughout all generations regarding the climate movement


After speaking with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following a rally in Montreal, Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg’s words lead the fight for climate change.


More than 100,000 people rallied in Rome holding signs that read “Change the system, not the climate” or simply just “Future”. In New Zealand, students staged one of the largest held protests in Wellington, on Parliament.


Students in Italy torched a replica of Earth as a symbolic stunt sparked by Thunberg’s comments. In Milan’s financial hub, a banner read “How dare you!” where tens of thousands gathered in the streets later on to watch a giant globe go up in flames.


A week after hundreds of thousands rallied in front of the U.N. summit fresh protests started from the younger generations in various places such as Sweden, Finland, India, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.


A lot of criticism has been drawn on the youth climate movement, some saying these children are overreacting and would be better off in school. Trump tweeted a sarcastic jab at Greta following her meeting with the world leaders. “She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!” Greta believes that the reason these people, such as Trump and other officials, have mocked her is because they likely feel like their views on life, climate, and self interests are being challenged and threatened by activists like her.


Instead of addressing Trump by name she responds indirectly by saying she didn’t “understand why grown-ups would choose to mock children and teenagers for just communicating and acting on the science when they could do something good instead.”


“She is the voice of a generation of young people who are calling on their leaders to do more and do better.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said. “And I am listening.”

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