Last Day of Summer by Summer Walker

Written by on November 22, 2018

Review by Yazmenne Archer

We love summer undoubtedly with its balmy days and sweet nights and the same can be said for the pleasantly unexpected artist, Summer Walker, who graced us with her chilling yet calming voice. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, Walker has proclaimed herself a one woman show as well as with the help of LVRN, an organization associated with Interscope Records. This presses through as her single “Session 32,” released earlier this year, leaves a mark on its listeners whilst only being little over a minute and a half. From this song alone, we can assume her audience and paint a picture of what emotions are being felt through her guitar strings. Though she is still unknown to the masses, she carries her voice with 6lack as she is an opener on his current tour.

As this is her first album, Last Day of Summer sets a tone of relaxation and escape almost like we are riding in a car with her on a late night drive after a tiring day. With twelve songs in thirty minutes, she leaves nothing unsaid especially as she includes a small but hilariously truthful skit, “Talk Yo S**t,” (recited by B. Simone) urging more reciprocity from the male’s end. As a pre-released single, “Girls Need Love,” is a highlighter of the album with its affirmative words acting as a call to arms for all women destitute of the four letter word. Slow and steady is her musical process and she keeps it on a level that everyone can relate and understand. We all know that one person that tempts us beyond measure and the listeners can sing along to “I’m There” describing that feeling when we see their name pop up: “…pull up, hop out… you call and I’m there.” There is a sense of yearning in each song that brings us closer to the singer and also brings us closer to those inner feelings we also have that are complicated with the thoughts of love and partnership. She pours something out of her on the last song “Just Like Me” that embodies what we all want in the end and as she comes to a close, there is that bittersweetness that tells us that the drive is over and as much as we love summer, it always comes to an end.

Rating: 4/5

Favorite tracks: “Just Like Me,” “Girls Need Love,” “Prayed Up,” “Karma”