Kyle Lux’s “No Roof Access” Album Review

Written by on December 5, 2019

By Andre Souza

            Kyle Lux’s debut album, No Roof Access is the album fans have been waiting for since the release of his first single in the spring of 2019 entitled “Rollin’ Stone.” The album tells a unique story about the struggles of adjusting and feeling out of place, and its instrumental blend of modern guitar pop and contemporary R/B soul set Lux apart from other artists in the genre.

            The opening track, “Precedent” sets up the rest of the album in a way that no other track in Lux’s discography could. The overall theme of isolation in the song’s lyrics juxtaposes the funk-inspired backbeat of the drums and intense instrumentals. “Precedent” manages to serve as an opening summary for what is to come in the remaining 6 songs.

            The second track, and Lux’s first song to be released, “Rollin’ Stone” is arguably the highlight track of the entire album. Kyle Lux demonstrates his vocal talent as well as his producing talent in this intensely colorful ode to the growing pain of uncertainty. The rest of the album, however, does not seem to mirror the captivating sounds that the first two tracks produce.

            “Say it’s Fine,” the fourth track, stands out from the rest of the album as another innovative track. The R/B influence is clear in this track and serves as its own setup for the second half of the album. Aside from the three tracks mentioned, the four other tracks can be seen as repetitive and underwhelming. The melodies and progressions of the other songs almost feel as though they can be combined into one extended track, giving Lux more space for a more full and completed album.

            Overall the album has more highs than lows in terms of creative content and, for such a young voice in the music industry, No Roof Access is an album that I believe sets a standard for R/B Soul music in the future.

Rating: 7.5/10

Highlight Track: Rollin’ Stone