Julia Holter Concert Review

Written by on March 26, 2019

By Sam Flowers


On Friday, February 22nd, Julia Holter performed a concert at Warsaw. A Popgun show presented Julia Holter. The venue really went well with the aesthetic. Julia Holter’s genre of music is Art pop baroque pop ambient, which had gone perfectly with the venue. She had a violinist to open her show which Jessica Moss who did a phenomenal job. She had done a unique instrumental that really set the tone of Julia Holter’s performance. When she was closing her performance, she had played a song that was more twenty minutes long. The song had begun with sounds of wolves howling, which would normally throw certain people off, but it was the perfect way to get your adrenaline going for a Julia Holter concert.

Julia Holter’s dropped her latest album in 2018 called “Aviary”, which was outstanding, but it sounded ten times better live. The way Julia Holter nonchalantly walked on stage with a shiny sequenced sweater. She had played “In The Gardens’ Muteness” herself on the keyboard before a band had joined her on stage, for the remaining songs that she had performed. She had so much life on stage it looks like she was having an amazing time and sounded amazing. The best part of the show was when she would toss her head around and beam with so much joy as she chirped and squealed to “Les Jeux to You”. Julia Holter had mainly sung songs from “ACOARY”, but she had also made sure to sing some songs from her album “Have You in My Wilderness” which she had dropped in 2015. Her main set had ended with “I Shall Love 2”. It would’ve been a satisfying ending to the night on its own, but who could really complain about an encore which she had played “Shall Love 1” and “Betsy on the Roof”. The ended close to midnight but had surpassed expectations!