Joyce Manor Show Review

Written by on August 30, 2019

By Mike Stringham

I went to see Joyce Manor at The Stone Pony (thanks for the tickets!) on Saturday, August 17th. This is the first time I had seen them since they released their album Cody in 2016. Asbury Park has a bunch of venues, but the worst part about that area is the parking situation. It took me about 40 minutes to find a spot, but I made it in time to catch most of the first band’s set. Awakebutstillinbed kicked off the show and people were really digging their sound, I was too. It was fun and pop punky, just like the headliners Saves The Day and Joyce Manor.

I went to mainly see Joyce Manor, who I believe is one of the best pop/punk bands from this decade. I really think all of their albums (although most are under the typical album length of 25+ minutes) is excellent, with the exception of their newest album that I’m not into. Anyway, they played a set full of songs from basically their whole discography and plenty off of their 2014 album, Never Hungover Again. I think it’s arguably one of the best pop/punk albums of all time, and definitely one of my favorite pop/punk albums ever.

Towards the end of their set, singer Barry Johnson (that blacked out sleeve dude) was asking the crowd what song they should play next, which was kind of a bad idea; but still fun. I’m pretty sure they have a new drummer as well and I think this is either their 3rd of 4th drummer since they’ve been a band. Joyce Manor still sounds super tight live, and I’m happy that they’re still a band that can perform at that level of intensity for about a decade. I didn’t stay for Saves The Day, but I’m sure they were great as well.


  1. Beach Community
  2. Heart Tattoo
  3. Falling in Love Again
  4. Eighteen
  5. Victoria
  6. NBTSA
  7. Schley
  8. This Song Is a Mess but So Am I
  9. Constant Headache
  10. Stairs
  11. Wildflowers
  12. Housewarming Party
  13. The Jerk
  14. Think I’m Still in Love with You
  15. Constant Nothing
  16. Ashtray Petting Zoo
  17. Orange Julius
  18. Violent Inside
  19. Big Lie
  20. Christmas Card
  21. 5 Year Plan
  22. Catalina Fight Song