Iron and Wine Concert Review

Written by on November 13, 2018

By Sarah Gregor

On Wednesday, November 7th, I saw Iron and Wine in concert at the Paramount in Huntington, New York. I have gone to The Paramount numerous times in my life for other concerts and it has easily become one of my favorite venues to go to. The spacious yet quaint standing room allows for enough space to you to do your own thing in the crowd while never being too far away from the artist themselves. It makes for concerts to be a very personal experience. The venue also features three bars, two of which are in the standing room so you won’t have to miss anything if you get thirsty, which I like. The opening band was one called Ohmme, and we’re not like Iron and Wine at all and we’re a bit too experimental for my personal tastes, but they were good in their own way.

Iron and Wine themselves were incredible. They’re one of the few artists that sound exactly like their tapes, but it’s better to experience live because you get to see all the instrumental work that goes into them making their music. What I had failed to notice prior to seeing them is how percussion heavy Iron and Wine truly are – the woman on the drums and various other percussional items was incredible. As for the visuals, it was very pleasing to the eye to watch them. They had clouds hanging over them while they performed, which could change color to match the mood and the beats (super pretty). Also, the frontman Sam Ervin Beam was continuously sipping on a glass of wine during the show; something about that action and the name and the folk-indie music that was playing all matched each other to make it a great experience to see. I highly recommend Iron and Wine if you are looking for a concert that is on the more mellow side, as people were not dancing, but swaying.

4.5/5 Stars

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