Hyperfall Album Review

Written by on October 19, 2018

Hyperfall by Yotto

Reviewed by Anthony Rivera

Yotto, also known by his real name Otto Yliperttula, is a DJ and electronic music producer from Helsinki, Finland. He has song releases on Above & Beyond’s deep house record label, Anjunadeep, and Joris Voorn’s deep house record label, Green, and has created remixes for many artist/band groups like Coldplay, M83, and Gorillaz. Most of his recent releases have been on Anjunadeep and he’s been headlining many of the label’s tours as of this year and 2017. He recently dropped his debut artist album ‘Hyperfall’ on September 7 for his Hyperfall tour of this year and I’ll be reviewing it giving my insight and opinion on the artist’s latest work.

This album ranges with many styles from its industrial and ambient sounds to its very catchy melodies and groovy beats. I want to start off with my third favorite track on the album, “Nada C,” which stands out the most with it’s very industrial and ambient style reminding me of Apex Twin and Nine Inch Nails. There are three other tracks on this album that are similar but not as interesting as this one. The twelfth song on the album, “Walls,” reminds me of m83’s style and it has a happy and uplifting vibe to it. Many of the other tracks are not as ambient but are groovy and melodic using plucky pad synthesizers and nice basslines that play well along with various percussion patterns. My top favorite track, “Hear Me Out (feat. Sønin and Laudic,” is one of those tracks with its groovy shakers and melody that could stay stuck in your head the whole day. My least favorite track on the album, “Epilogue feat. CAPS,” had a few sound elements that I liked, but I was not a fan of the vocal loop that popped up at the beginning of the track. Overall, I think this is Yotto’s best release yet offering a variety of unique sounds that stand out from other EDM artists.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars.

Highlights: “Hear Me Out (ft. Sønin & Laudic),” “Walls”, & “Nada C.”