Google Announces Revolutionary Console; ‘Stadia’

Written by on March 24, 2019

By: Matt McGuire

SAN FRANCISCO- At the Game Developers Conference (GDC), Google officially announced an alternative for gamers worldwide that could forever change the industry.

The tech-giant announced their plans for ‘Google Stadia’, a home console that promises to remove the limiting hardware of current generation consoles and instead offer a “streaming approach”.

The premise of ‘Stadia’ relies solely around streaming, being that Google plans to ditch the idea of upgraded hardware, and offer a console completely dedicated to streaming games remotely on a paid service. This would not only allow game developers to not worry about console limitations, but it will give access to the most powerful gaming franchises to be accessed almost anywhere imaginable.

The company plans to merge their console with their already massive platform YouTube, giving viewers the option to play the games that they’re watching in just the click of a button.

This jump to a streaming-only platform does have its incredible benefits, but of course, comes with major drawbacks. Since most homes in the US are not offered Fiber-Optic internet connections, it is likely that the product will only thrive in high volume areas, such as the Tri-State area and California. Strong internet connection is imperative for a streaming service to operate efficiently, so it will be interesting to see Google’s solutions as they move forward with this product.

‘Stadia’ promises to be something the gaming world hasn’t seen yet, and their move into the gaming industry is proven to be risky. If the company succeeds, Google will have the power to completely change the gaming industry as we know it forever.