“Goddess” – Laufey Single Review

Written by on April 21, 2024

Review by Heidy Carranza Alvarado –

Grammy winner for Best Traditional Pop, Vocal Album, Laufey has recently released her new single, alongside a music video “Goddess” starring William Gao. This song is an extension from her upcoming deluxe album Bewitched: The Goddess edition which releases on April 26, 2024, including three new songs.

Laufey is a Chinese-Islandic solo artist who mainly covers Jazz, Jazz Pop, and Traditional Pop. Other genres that she has done include Bossa Nova and classical. Her music has resonated with many people around the world, for her hard-hitting lyrics and style of sound that is uncommon within the music industry. Laufey has now reached the mainstream media and is being recognized for her hard work and efforts in her music.

Laufeys’ single “Goddess” is described as being “my most honest song yet.” Her song depicts her journey as she faces a stark contrast between being idolized as a “goddess” on stage and revealing her vulnerable human self off-stage. The lyrics tell the story between Laufey and her ex-boyfriend, who essentially worshiped her more than human, and the pressure that was created to become that mold. This led to her realization of how the ones she loved had objectified her, causing betrayal and disillusionment. The outro showcases Laufeys’ reclaim of identity, which was once stripped away, and refusing to go back to that place in time.

Her music video is overall beautiful, and intimate, and provides stunning visuals. Directed by Celine Song, Grammy nominee for her film Past Lives, Laufey and Celine closely worked together to develop a story that is overall bittersweet. With warm-toned colors and incredible cinematography, the music video perfectly captured the narration of the song.

Many of Laufeys’ fans, including myself, applaud for her vulnerability and opening up to feelings that are often shadowed by social media and other voices. These thematic messages resonate with many fans who are currently or have gone through similar experiences. More than anything, this song serves as a self-worth empowerment, for women or anyone who feels the same emotions that Laufey once did. It is incredible to witness her success flourish, and how women such as Laufey change the music industry with her songwriting, music composition, and discography.

Her 2023 album Bewitched showcases more of her storytelling regarding her life, and life lessons learned for others to hear.

You can listen to Laufey’s latest album Bewitched on all platforms, YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify, and await her deluxe edition of her album Bewitched: The Goddess for presale on April 26!

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