.gif from god Show Review

Written by on November 19, 2018


By Mike Stringham

On Thursday, November 8th I made my way out to Brooklyn Bazaar after work to see a screamo show with .gif from god (giffromgod.bandcamp.com) from Richmond, Virginia headlining. This band shares members with another great screamo band from the same town, Ostraca (ostraca.bandcamp.com) – who I’ve seen a bunch of times and are so solid.

This show was in the cellar of BKB, which I had never been in until now. I didn’t see the first band that played, but I saw the following two; Entia (entia.bandcamp.com) from NJ and Detach The Islands (https://detachtheislands.bandcamp.com) from Brooklyn. I’ve seem Entia a few times in DIY venues in NJ, like The Meatlocker. They’re a mix of math rock with some slow breakdowns that have a twinkly vibe, but are also hardcore and screamo. Detach The Islands have a Dillinger Escape Plan vibe, lots of math-core vibes, lots of adrenaline rushed guitars and screaming; big energy set.

.gif from god was the headliner and the last band to play. They have two vocalists; which reminded me of early The Number Twelve Looks Like You (https://silentpendulumrecords.bandcamp.com/album/nuclear-sad-nuclear-the-number-12-looks- like-you). Their music is definitely a mix of chaotic hardcore/mathcore/screamo. I came mostly for .gif because their album ..​ ​.defragmented...reformatted (https://giffromgod.bandcamp.com/album/defragmented-reformatted)​ ​is one of the best screamo works I’ve heard in the past year or so. Basically, their set was well worth the traveling as they were powerful and explosive in all the right ways. They also put out a split 7” (giffromgod.bandcamp.com/album/split-w-vein) with Vein (veinband.bandcamp.com) who also put out potentially the album of the year (veinband.bandcamp.com/album/errorzone).

This review has mostly been links to music you should listen to, and I’m not upset about it. I don’t know if people read my reviews or not, so if you do – listen to this stuff.


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