Everything You Missed at Saturday Gov Ball: The Killers, Sabrina Carpenter, TV Girl

Written by on June 9, 2024

Written by Shannon Daly

Published on June 9, 2024

Saturday at Governor’s Ball took everything from Friday and multiplied it tenfold. With a sold out GA section, the crowd was buzzing with more people, more excitement, and more performances. A mix of rock, country, pop, rap, and even K-Pop filled three stages for a total of 10 hours of nonstop music. 

There was definitely an increase in attendees, with longer lines for food, drinks, and “Beyond The Music” tents. There was even a line to get into the Red Bull unforeseen tent, which I quite enjoyed on Friday with its factory rave style club scene. 

Photograph by Mickey Pierre-Louis

My Saturday lineup began with Jessie Murph, an upcoming pop country artist from Alabama. While we got glimpses of country on Friday from Post Malone’s “I Had Some Help” and Yung Gravy’s country mixes, this was the first time mainstream country pop took the main stage. By 3:15 p.m., the main stage was packed with an impressive amount of people, far outnumbering Friday. Jessie’s strong voice could be heard from all throughout the park, and her southern slang made her songs that much fun. The country pop songs got the crowd up and dancing, and brought an exciting southern twist to the festival for those who enjoy some good old honky tonk on a hot day. My favorite included:

“Wild One” – A raunchy, fun tune describing the feeling of falling for the kind of man who doesn’t turn down the chance for some fun and trouble. 


Photograph by Josh Sobel

I must mention Doechii next, whose “d-d-d-d-doechii!” sound effect must have played 100 times in her 45 minute set. Quoting someone in the crowd, “I’ll never forget her name”.

There was no lack of energy here, with people jumping even in the food lines to the sound of the bass. Her confidence flew off the stage with explosive dancing and a voice that couldn’t help but hype up the crowd. The wave of people getting down to “What It Is” and “Alter Ego” was undeniable. I even had to put my bag down and join in the fun.


Photograph by Roger Ho

The same energy could be felt for Sexxy Red, whose fans were so excited that people were sprinting to the GoPuff stage to join in the action.

Sexxy Red’s fans were hyped, getting down low and jumping high at the same time. The set started with a short DJ mix that included the top ten hip-hop songs that got the crowd excited to dance. There were more people at this stage than I personally could have ever expected for Sexxy, and her set flossed seamlessly into 21 Savage’s, which appeared at 7:30 p.m. right after. 



Photograph by Deanie Chen


In my opinion, the most impressive, knock-your-socks-off performance had to have come from the pop icon in training, Sabrina Carpenter. Her set honestly blew me away. It was a perfect mix of expert stage presence, danceable earworms, and a classic pop act paired with multiple background dancers. Her presence on stage was like a ray of sunshine, with a pale yellow corset sparkly top that complimented her classic blonde bang look perfectly.

It was surprising she did not get a later time slot, as most of the crowd I asked had said she was one of the main people they had come to see. I can’t go without mentioning the “Please Please Please” live debut, which was extremely exciting for fans. A large chunk were already singing along, which is surprising considering it has not even been out for a week.

Her fans are a dedicated bunch, singing and dancing their hearts out to songs- especially her new song “Espresso”, which could easily be labeled as the song of the summer this year. Seeing the song of the summer live is a great pleasure, and as you would expect, everyone adored it. My other highlights include: 

“Feather”- A lighthearted (as a feather) dance song that encapsulates how it feels to finally forget about the burdens put on by a past relationship. I certainly felt free as a feather during this one! 

“Fast Times”- It was my first time hearing this song and I had to add it due to the amazing guitar solo that took center stage. As a rock fan, hearing the bridge solo was a present that certainly hit a lot harder live with an electric guitar. 


Photograph by N Bradley

The true indie heads were at TV Girl, which was one slot before The Killers. With extremely catchy hooks and clever samples, TV Girl proves that even perhaps the most eclectic band of the festival can pull a crowd right before Main Stage. With a small synth pad, TV Girl’s control on the crowd was exciting to see. Faking out intros that everyone knows to keep them on their toes, paired with background dancers brought a live feel to an otherwise intimate indie-style band. And I have to admit, I think I was the biggest fan in the crowd. 

The 10th anniversary French Exit section was a great tribute to the album and brought to life some of their most famous tunes like “Birds Don’t Sing” and “Louise”, two classics from the 2014 era. The band’s front man, Brad Petering, even called out fans who did not like the newer 2023 album, “Grapes Upon the Vine”, stating; “I know a lot of people did not like it, but then I realized, no, you people are wrong,” as they then continued to play selections from the new album. All those at the food stand’s ears were caressed by TV Girl’s smooth new gospel-esque songs before returning to their more popular songs. Their performance was fun, relaxed, easy to sing along to, and full of die-hard indie fans. What’s better than that? 


Photograph by Phelps

Finally, The Killers took the stage at 8:30 p.m. for their headline performance. After 20+ years, it’s surprising that The Killers still have the energy to pull off countless festival performances. They are living off the rock and roll spirit which still haunts New York after over 1400 concerts.

Although some of the dominant younger crowd did not know songs other than the classic “Somebody Told Me” and “Mr. Brightside”, The Killers still stand the test of time as the perfect “anywhere” festival band. By this, I mean you don’t need to be at the front lines to enjoy The Killers. I personally stood in the back against a tree, which was a vibe in itself.

The band needs no explanation on their skill and talent, as they have been pulling crowds for nearly three decades now, which is a difficult thing to say of most bands. It is an older band that brings a youthful spirit enjoyable by all, even the swarms of teenagers who came to see “Hot Fuss”.

Of their classics, my favorite to see live was “Spaceman”, which still stands the test of time for early 2000s rock. Although there was nearly not as much fire, explosions, and special effects as the former Post Malone, sometimes it’s good to kick back and enjoy good old rock and roll. 


Day 2 of the Governors Ball had come to an end but the excitement is certainly not over. With a completely sold out Sunday show, the day everyone has been buzzing about is almost here. With unexpected heavy hitters like Chappell Roan, Renee Rapp, and Peso Pluma coming on Sunday, the festivities at Governors Ball 2024 are just beginning. The pop girls are taking over, and New York’s about to see it live.

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