“Eulogy” – grandson Review

Written by on February 28, 2023

By Emily McCormack 

“Eulogy” is the first solo work that grandson has released since his 2020 debut album, Death of an Optimist. The Canadian-American singer has released a string of outstanding collaborations, including works alongside the likes of K.Flay, X Ambassadors, Two Feet and Steve Aoki.

Best known for his 2017 single “Blood // Water” and The Suicide Squad’s “Rain” in 2021, grandson is a truly talented musician who is finally giving his grandkids something new if his own in 2023! 

So… “Eulogy” is finally here. My very first thought just a few seconds into the song was- “this is very grandson.” (and oh boy do I mean this in the BEST way.)

His iconic blend of hip-hop and rap with genuine alternative/indie feel is once again brought out in this latest tune. There is the hip-hop side to him that continues to make his music a standout amongst my largely alternative rock daily playlists, and I have welcomed this unique sound ever since I started listening to him all those years ago. 

While this sounds very much like his usual tone, knowing so much of his discography I can also say grandson is clearly heading into a new era of music. While still similar to the music fans know and love, there’s something about perhaps the production or the instrumental aspect of the song where you can tell he’s expanding and learning as an artist. 

grandson is a very politically motivated artist, and I love that he isn’t afraid to express his feelings and criticize those in charge. He is certainly not someone who sits by and let things go wrong- he is very much an activist and isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He talks about very real problems, ranging from crime in America to how upcoming generations tend to suffer from mental issues because of our current surroundings. For example, verse one includes the following line: “For social media stimulation / I can’t even hold conversations.” This is surely relatable to many in my generation, especially coming out of such an isolating pandemic that generally increased our technology and social media dependence. 

I am very interested in seeing the connection between this song and his previous album in terms of a storyline… In his 2020 album, Death of an Optimist, he personifies his anti-self, or someone he doesn’t want to become, in a character named “X.” This work features songs such as “The Ballad Of G And X // Interlude” where grandson speaks about how X (metaphorically) tries to poison him. The album itself is literally titled “Death of” an Optimist – which makes me wonder, is this a eulogy for X? Or for the storyline version of grandson? Or something else entirely?

The chorus of “Eulogy” is as follows: “This the eulogy / For you and me / Might be my only opportunity, yeah / If you wake up and I’m gone / I just hope you’ll sing along.” This leads me to believe that the downfall of grandson and his likeminded fans are the “headlines” and the “shots fired” he references in his first verse. While this may be contributing to a storyline, grandson also explores a very real personification of the harsh reality that is modern day America. 

In his other songs such as “6:00” and “Darkside,” grandson very much focuses on issues like police brutality and the U.S. government’s lack of action. It’s clear that grandson isn’t going to stop fighting the good fight any time soon, and certainly not with his next project. 

I hope there will be music videos attached to the songs with this new era that explain this a little more… Regardless of if the two projects connect, I am looking forward to this new cycle of music, and welcome it just as I’m sure other fans will. “Eulogy” will be a daily repeat for many weeks to come (only to be replaced by more grandson in the future, of course)!

According to his Instagram, we can soon anticipate a tour announcement from grandson! I had the pleasure of seeing him twice in March 2022 and I can certainly say that you would be missing out if you don’t run towards his shows… I have seen a lot of concerts but I have never cried over seeing an artist like I have with grandson. His passion and appreciation for his fans truly shows on stage, and he radiates that energy throughout any stage he steps on. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for fans this year!

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