Election Night Coverage

Written by on November 7, 2018

By Stacy J Fernandez

Station Manager Kate Braunstein and Assistance News Director AJ Melillo, anchored the Montclair State student live broadcast on election night, that took place on November 6th. They both conversed the importance of Election night and how it may affect the future. The countdown to the polls closing raised tension for many voters that night.

They spoke with two news anchors were that were at the Robert Menendez and Bob Hugin headquarters. In addition, they also spoke with other news anchors that covered events at numerous locations. AJ and Kate conversed that healthcare is more important than the economy to many young voters.

Tara Morgan covered the tweets from many twitter users, while Social Media Director Molly Jenkins was the Social Media Producer for the night. Many tweets pertained to both parties in the election and compliments from many viewers that watched the live coverage.

In Studio A, retired Associate Professor Marc Rosenweig was interviewing professionals like Jonathan Alter, John Mooney, etc on the purpose of voting and what was being shown that night. News Director Hiral Patel, was the Floor Producer for Rosenweig and helped out with booking the interviewees.

Newslab Anchor, Amanda Eustice was the news room reporter, where she spoke with students from Montclair State and TCNJ. As she roamed around the room, she asked for students’ opinions regarding to the campaigns. A few personals gave their intake on each candidate that ran for the campaign. One person discussed the rate of homeless persons in the state of NJ, while another discussed the condition of water in public schools throughout the state.