Dream, Ivory & Carwash at Mercury Lounge

Written by on October 20, 2022

By Krizia Mae Templonuevo

The Dream, Ivory brothers the night of Sept 23rd gave such an amazing show! Although their set was cut a little short, Louie and Christian gave it their best and everyone on the floor was vibing. The dreamy sounds of their guitar and deep bass echoed through the cozy venue of Mercury Lounge which really added to the vibe.

Dream, Ivory’s music is quite chill and shoegaze-y so I wasn’t disappointed when there wasn’t really that much energy on stage. It was expected with their style. Louie, mid set, took a second to inform the crowd that he was feeling a little bit under the weather. Someone all the way in the back told him to take it easy. We all agreed. As the night went on, I could visibly see the pain in Louie’s face. That didn’t take away from pushing through their performance until he really couldn’t take it anymore.

Before ending their set short, Louie apologized to everyone, saying how he really wish he could continue the rest of the set. Everyone was very supportive of him as I walked out of the venue, I didn’t really hear anyone complain. Overall, Dream, Ivory handled themselves quite well and the support from the crowd really showed how loyal and loving their fans are.









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