“Disguise” by Motionless In White Album Review

Written by on October 22, 2019

By Kyle Pepitone

Metalcore band Motionless In White (often shortened to MIW) released their fifth studio album, Disguise, this summer on June 7th and it only gets better with each listen. Although some tracks on the band’s previous album, Graveyard Shift, addressed topics about being who you were meant to be, Disguise as a whole focuses on themes of self-identity and state of mind. Each track tackles a different topic such as discovering your true potential (“Legacy”), the toll of suppressing your feelings (“Disguise”), and even the healing power that music can provide (“Catharsis”).  Each song does an amazing job of addressing the message it intends through deep and meaningful lyrics and heavy instrumentals that the listener can easily connect to.

MIW has originally found their desired style in their third studio album, Reincarnate, and refined it in Graveyard Shift. Disguise allowed them to play off of their previous two albums and officially find and declare their sound. Lead singer, Chris Motionless, gives such an amazing vocal performance that carries over from Graveyard Shift while the rest of the band delivers powerful and heavy instrumentals that sets the tone of the album. Disguise altogether is a brilliant album.


Rating: 10/10


Highlight tracks: “</c0de>,” “Catharsis,” and “Holding On To Smoke”