Declan McKenna & Oracle Sisters – Wellmont Theater 6/4/23

Written by on June 30, 2023

I’ve been to a bunch of concerts, yet I still have an intense bucket list of artists that I love and have changed my life in some way or another. I believe Delcan McKenna’s album Zeros came out in 2020 for the purpose of saving alternative music-lovers like myself during the most isolating year the COVID-19 pandemic forced upon us. (Continue reading for my experience – and more photography from myself at Krizia Mae Templonuevo at the end!)

Review by Emily McCormack

The line outside for Declan McKenna was the longest I have seen outside of Montclair’s Wellmont Theater – and it’s no surprise! He is a talented musician, and I am so glad to see (in person) how many others in our local area appreciate his music as well (Like I said, I discovered and listened to his music most during the pandemic)! 

When people ask why I love concerts so much, I usually give the following answer: I am a visual person. Music is an audio-based medium, and concerts are the physical, visual component of the art form… I spent my whole online freshman year listening to songs like “You Better Believe!!!,” “British Bombs,” and my personal favorite, “Rapture,” while doing my school work or while closing my eyes on my bed, finally seeing him perform live was surreal! 

A highlight of the night was my introduction to the opener, Oracle Sisters! Their album Hydranism released earlier this year, and it was awesome seeing them perform – particularly their song “RBH,” which has been playing at our station since the concert! I also had the pleasure of briefly meeting the band at their merch table, where my friend and I (shoutout to Madeline) spoke about their music and performance! I’m also glad my Sharpie marker went to the lovely new home of the Oracle Sisters!

The night was full of fantastic performances, and I am so glad that both Declan McKenna and Oracle Sisters made a stop in an epic venue so conveniently close to Montclair State University’s campus! 

I will certainly be looking out for future shows from both bands – while we wait, we can look forward to Declan McKenna’s new single “Sympathy,” which will be here July 6, 2023!

Above photos by Emily McCormack // Below photos by Krizia Mae Templonuevo