DALE K. Knocks ‘Em OUT at Avenel PAC!

Written by on November 26, 2019

By Marc Marshall

Imagine a show where the members of the audience are the stars and the headliner is just a guide along the way.  Friday night, Hypnotist Dale K. took a group of volunteers on an amazing journey into the power of their imaginations.  Now, I suspect that like many people who came to the show, you might think that hypnosis is fake.  Dale and the volunteers from the audience proved, beyond any shadow of a doubt how amazing the human mind is and how those who can focus and concentrate can create unimaginable experiences.

Being a veteran of many hypnosis shows, I can easily get bored when I see a performer who is just going through the motions.  Dale’s show is fast-paced, energetic and comes complete with his own twist on some classic routines that audiences come to expect Iand NO, no one was clucking like a chicken.)  Dale’s experience as cruise ship entertainer and hypnotist on the corporate and college circuits shows as he treated all his volunteers with the utmost respect.  It is always fascinating to see the audience’s reaction to the skits, but even more, fun to see the response of the volunteers, who have been told they will not remember anything about the show until they leave the theater.  They look at you with a straight face and deny they were ever in the show until… BANG! they walk out the door and it hits them.  That is when the last wave of laughter carries the audience away with a great experience.