Cory Booker May Have Troubles in Jersey

Written by on March 7, 2019

By: AJ Melillo

NEW JERSEY- The Jersey boy, Senator Cory Booker, may have some trouble in his 2020 presidential run as New Jerseyans are apprehensive with his decision to run.

According to a recent survey by Monmouth University 58% of those who responded believe that Booker will not be able to effectively serve as a US Senator and run for president with 43% of them saying that he should resign his seat. This comes along with Booker reaching his highest disapproval level in his senatorial career at 36%.

The majority of New Jerseyans being nervous about Booker running and still being able to do his job as a Senator has many analysts arguing that they are still feeling the aftermath of former Governor Chris Christie’s run in 2016.

“They lived through several years of Christie being governor and running for president,” Montclair State University Professor of American Government Brigid Harrison said. “His unwillingness to delegate tasks made many people view [Booker’s] run through that lens.”

When comparing Booker’s run to Christie’s 2016 run for president he is polling much better with only 26% of people saying Booker does not stand a chance at getting the nominee, meanwhile 40% said the Christie did not stand a chance. According to Monmouth, the reason for the disparity is because Booker has a much higher support rating from Democrats than Christie did with Republicans when running in 2016.

At Montclair State, Booker has found support among some students, who believe that he is the best man for the job.

“He leads with an undeniable sense of kindness and intelligence,” Political Science major and Political radio show host Stephen Rumbolo said. “He’s a great communicator, who I believe would prove to be an effective antidote to the politics of the Trump era.”

The one thing that a hefty majority of New Jerseyans despite political orientation agree upon is that provided Booker wins the nomination he should give up his reelection campaign for senate, and focus solely on his presidential race.