Con todo el Mundo by Khruangbin

Written by on November 24, 2018

Reviewed by Thomas Lichtman

Khruangbin is an American indie trio hailing from Houston, Texas. They play a variety of mostly instrumental songs with influences ranging from psychedelia, funk and world music. Their songs vary from slow and melancholy to funky, upbeat jams. The use of jazzy guitars, groovy basslines, and a strong backbeat are the foundation of most of their music. Over this basis Khruangbin layer singer/bassist Laura Lee’s smooth and cryptic vocals, as well as Guitarist and backup vocalist Mark Speers’ impressive guitar playing, which beautifully compliments the already melodious basslines. These elements are held together by the strong percussion supplied by drummer Donald “DJ” Johnson. His drum beats are impressively intricate, tight, and powerful. Certain songs utilize alternative percussion such as sleigh bells and tambourines to add some more extra flavor to the drums. This album has an impressively diverse, yet clean sound for a three-piece band.

            Con todo el Mundo is an excellent sophomore LP from Khruangbin. They maintain a similar style as their last album, 2015’s The Universe Smiles Upon You yet shifting their focus just enough where it sounds fresh and interesting. Overall my favorite thing about Khruangbin remains their timeless, worldly sound. Their music evokes a sound coming from multiple cultures at once, making it hard to trace exactly where they’re pulling from. The album is an amalgamation of various music they love, mixed up into a vibrant soup. Con todo el Mundo leaves room for the listener to impose their own thoughts and understandings of the world into a unique listening experience. Anyone who appreciates any form of mellow jazz, funk, psychedelic or world music should easily find something to enjoy in this album.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Favorite tracks: “Evan Finds the Third Room”, “Como Te Quiero”, “August 10”