College Radio Day: The Never-Ending Livestream

Written by on October 2, 2019

By 90.3 WMSC FM

Facing a monster deadline, the WMSC FM staff and crew are locked out of their studios (a recurring problem due to a moody lock system).

In an effort to gain access to the studios for the 30-hour College Radio Day marathon, Tara Morgan must reach his former Morning Buzz co-host and best friend, Christian Curatola, who graduated in May for a secret code to get in the studios.

This is derivative/parody work from one of our favorite shows.

WMSC FM presents “College Radio Day: The Never-Ending Live Stream”

Cast: Patty Bun – Tara Morgan Chrissy Poo – Christian Curatola Erica – Hiral Patel Will – AJ Melillo Lucas – Nate Williams Steve – George Jamgochian Robin – Kaya Maciak Murray – Adam Goldberg Hopper – Tom Kaminski Joyce – Anabella Poland CREW: Director – Josh Tirado Cinematography – Greg Matos Editor – Greg Matos Executive Producers – Josh Tirado & Anabella Poland Audio Recording – Blake Camphausen & Pam Burrows Audio Editing – Greg Matos & Blake Camphausen Screenplay – Josh Tirado & Tara Morgan Grip – Greg Matos Music – Derivative Work from Limahl’s “Never Ending Story” by Tara Morgan . Performed by Tara Morgan & Christian Curatola Costume Design – Anabella Poland Production Assistants – Madison Everett & Sean Hazelgreen Social Media – Alyssa Salvato Special thanks to Dave Sanders & Chateau Sanders location. Special thanks to Stuart McLelland (Lights and Russian hat)