“Bewitched” – Laufey EP Review

Written by on September 24, 2023

Review by Mia Savidge

I discovered Laufey one day while watching a compilation on YouTube about waking up to a Paris morning. I instantly fell in love with her song “Like the Movies” from her Typical of Me EP. Then, I discovered more of her music after looking her up and had the same initial reaction. I would choose to sing her songs in performances and at home due to how they perfectly expressed what I was trying to convey. Laufey embodies charm and grace with her musicianship which is beautifully displayed in her new EP, Bewitched, which recently came out September 8th.

“Dreamer” — The introduction alone sounds like it came out of a movie I’d watch falling asleep as a kid. This transitions into a catchy tune about prioritizing things other than looking for love. In this song, Laufey sings about how she “gave up” on having that special feeling, and how she won’t let anyone break her heart or lessen her imagination. Overall, this is such a lovely tune.

“Second Best”  This one remains true to its title in that Laufey expresses the emotions that come with being “second best.” She tells of all of the amazing things that this love interest gave her to experience, yet there was always someone else treasured more than she. Later in the song, she falls in love with another, and will always wonder if they have a chance to become something more than friends. This song shows the challenges and overcoming of unrequited love.

“Haunted”  This is a spookier tune compared to the rest of the songs in the album, living up the project’s title. The instrumental in this piece is absolutely stunning and adds so much to the song itself. When Laufey sings the line where she says “haunts,” there is a significant mood shift which draws me in closer as the listener. It’s a chillingly beautiful piece (haha, get it?).

“Must Be Love”  First of all, I absolutely adore the melody of this one. The way the verses are executed I enjoy so much. This song explains the starting confusion when having that feeling that could only mean one thing. Throughout the song Laufey questions (then later accepts) if she is feeling this way since she’s never had this happen before. I enjoy how she lists all of the emotions she’s feeling now that she is in love.

“While You Were Sleeping”  This one reminds me of a song one would listen to stargazing on a hill. It has such a nice melody and is an easy listen. I love the musical notes and overall vibe of this track. The lyrics also flow nicely together, aiding the overall tone of the song.

“Lovesick”  The transition between this song’s introduction and melody alongside the tempo shift surprises and draws my attention. It reminds me of “Haunting” in the way that it has more of a melancholy feel than its counterparts. I especially feel this with the “ahhs” at the end, giving a whimsical yet powerful, edgy conclusion to the song. “Lovesick” tells of the pain that comes with having an overwhelming amount of love for someone who may not reciprocate it.

“California and Me”  This song is such a thoughtful piece that discusses someone falling out of love and returning to a place they have already been for another – and in doing so, leaving their partner behind. The imagery of her home of California crying alongside her when her love leaves is so powerful. This person put in effort to leave even although it was easier to stay because he loved someone else more. I can certainly feel the heartbreak through these lyrics.

“Nocturne (Interlude)”  In this track I particularly like the piano instrumental and the way it transitions from one half of the album to the other. It reminds of the overture of a show where many of the songs in the production are put into a stunning melody foreshadowing everything to come. This is such a creative idea to add to her album highlighting her musicality.

“Promise”  This song stands out for me in the album. It describes how hard it is to let go of someone even if you’re on the road to nowhere. She tells about a promise she made to stop talking to someone because she thought they wouldn’t ever work. At the end of the song, she breaks her promise and calls him. She hurts more not being with him at all. This song makes one think about the struggle between feeling like you need someone but knowing deep down that it will never be what you want it to be.

“From the Start”  I love the upbeat instrumentalization in this song, and it’s a joy to listen to. It depicts the timeless tale of your crush wanting someone else, and you bursting at the seams wanting to tell them about your feelings. I find myself always going to listen to this one time and time again.

“Misty”  This piece creates such an impactful scene using the fog as a metaphor for her confusion and inability to discern her feelings. She feels misty whenever that person is near and is “too much” in love with them. This one reminds me of a golden age jazz song as it’s truly timeless and an incredibly beautiful piece of poetry, as well as music.

“Serendipity” — The lyrics in this song demonstrate how Laufey refuses to pretend as if she isn’t enthralled with someone like many have to do. Instead, she displays her emotions and expresses that she is, in fact, feeling all of these things. She tells of the overall feeling of serenity and bliss that completely washes over her. When she sings the word “serendipity” at the end, it has such a beautiful lightness and freeing quality to it, as if she is being whisked away on a cloud.

“Letter to My 13 Year Old Self”  This song is so extremely powerful and really makes me think. I tear up just hearing the lyrics and her message to her younger self that it truly does get better. I notice how the line “Write your story, fall in love a little too (Laufey)” expresses how one will make their own path by taking care of themselves and love will come in its own time. Often when looking back at ourselves, especially our pre-teens, we usually think of ourselves as awkward and not worthy. In reality, our past selves at the age of thirteen deserved as much love as we do now. Overall, this is such a crucial and engaging story to tell, and I have no doubt that it will have the same effect on others as it did me.

“Bewitched”  Last, but certainly not least! This song reminds me of fall and Halloween, especially with its enchanting introduction. This tells of how Laufey was captivated by someone, like she fell under a spell. The lyrics create this detailed imagery that builds upon the song’s compelling nature. This melody is one of my favorites of the album and is a wonderful listen as we transition into fall.

Laufey once again channels the relatable and complicated nature of love through her song writing. I continue to be blown away by her storytelling and poetry she implements through song. Her voice is simply incredible and builds upon the enchantment her music creates. The orchestration of every track adds so much charm and beauty to her work.

I simply cannot pick one favorite song of this new album, so my top three picks are “California and Me,” “Letter to My 13 Year Old Self,” and the title-track, “Bewitched.” I am so thrilled that people around the world will get the opportunity to see her in concert for The Bewitched Tour, and I am looking forward to hearing more from her in the future!

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