“Automatic Sun” – The Warning Review

Written by on April 21, 2024

Review by Katherine Garcia –

As a Hispanic woman myself, I love to see women shine in places they may not have before. I was at work when I was shuffling through my Spotify and “S!CK” by The Warning came on and from there I dug down the rabbit hole. The Warning is a rock band that consists of 3 sisters from Monterrey, Mexico which formed in 2013. The band consists of Daniela, Alejandra, and Paulina Villarreal.

They have just released a new song back on April 5th called “Automatic Sun” which is part of a group of singles on their Spotify that has “S!CK” on it along with other songs like “Que Más Quieres.”

The song starts slowly with Dany singing about the addiction and connection two people have with each other, like an Automatic Sun, hence the title. Towards the end of the song, the guitars cut out to just have the vocals and drums on a constant beat loop with the passionate lyrics that the girls always portray. This builds up to a beautiful and heavy drop with all the girls now contributing to the beautiful harmonies while continuing the upbeat and room-filling drums and guitar riffs.

This song shows the skill these girls have and how creative they are with their different riffs and rhythms through the song. You can hear the play on words and their dynamics which brings the song to life.

“Automatic Sun” is another song that’s going to be off their new album later this summer and it gives fans an amazing sneak peek at what’s to come.

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