Aqui Planeta Tierra: School Advice

Written by on September 20, 2022

SEPTEMBER 16th, 2022 – In this Friday’s Aqui Planeta Tierra show, we talk about a stage from which no one is spared! Everyone at some point has heard or lived this stage: The beginning of school. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting elementary school, high school, or even college, the nerves and excitement, and all the emotions that come with starting a new stage we have all felt!

As students, we wanted to share our experiences and give our opinions and advice to all those new students who are still in the process of adapting, and how to make their experience even better.

We had the participation of 3 guest students: Adarlis Batista Nuñez, freshman majoring in Film and Television, Robby Ruiz, senior marketing major and bachata singer, interpreter of songs like “In My Feelings” and “No Puedo Amarte”, and Esmeralda Tamayo, a senior majoring in Linguistics, who is also pursuing a certification in ESL and Inclusive Education, and a Master’s degree in Education.

We also had the participation of off-campus students such as Daniel Livingston, former Montclair State Student majoring in Communication and Media Arts and a minor in Visual Arts.

In addition, we also hear from other Montclair State students in our QUESTION OF THE WEEK section, where we interview students on different topics each week.



Written by: Darian Mozo
Pictures by: Danny Livingston