An Interview with Andrew Farriss, the creative force behind the band INXS

Written by on March 2, 2020

By Anabella Poland

Andrew Farriss, the creative force behind INXS and one of The Farriss Brothers, has a brand new solo album and he’s gone country! Anabella Poland, general manager at WMSC FM in Montclair State, and president of College Radio Day 2020 interviewed Andrew Farriss about his upcoming solo album being released in vinyl in preparation for WMSC’s celebration of Vinylthon, April 18th 2020. Her interview will be featured in the Vinylthon Zine available for purchase at Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Awards next week and online at


Andrew, your new self- titled album “Andrew Farriss” will also be released on vinyl, why is vinyl an important format?

In today’s world, so much is digital or in the crazy world of the internet, where things are not tangible and sometimes it is hard to know what is real or not. I grew up on vinyl, and I think there is something magical about being able to hold a physical product in your hands, to see the artwork as the music plays, and to read the lyrics along with the song.  Vinyl helps people to physically and emotionally connect to a piece of art, music, and artist.


Fun fact, I have INXS vinyl. 

Very cool, thanks for buying it!  I have some too!


The vinyl record features animations of a flying hummingbird, a jumping horse and arrows shooting out from the center when it spins.  Tell us about the animation feature and how you came up with this concept

We first saw an animated vinyl from an Australian artist Dope Lemon (Angus Stone).

We thought it was a really cool way to take the physicality of vinyl art even further.

Our graphic designer spent months working out the proper way to do it and the design, and we think it has come out amazing.


If you were forced to pick his to 5 vinyl records, what would they be and why?

  1. Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd – Around about the time the Beatles broke up, there was an incredibly talented group of engineers and people on board to assist Pink Floyd to record their brilliant, timeless masterpiece.  And luckily years later we were privileged to work with Chris Thomas who assisted on the mixing side.
  2. Revolver, The Beatles – I love the Beatles, and they were the first band I ever saw live when I was 5 years old in London.  This love the songs on this album especially Tomorrow Never Knows and She Said She Said.
  3. Carmen Jones, Georges Bizet – My family and I would listen to this album as kids, so I have fond memories of us enjoying time together.
  4. Desperado, The Eagles – This was one of the first albums I was able to afford to buy when I worked at KFC when I was 15. Amazing songs and storytelling, and live performances.
  5. Teatro, Willie Nelson – I love the Tex-Mex feel of it, and Daniel Lanois laid back production.   Awesome songs as well.


What are your thoughts on college radio?

I think College Radio is great, as it is more the concept of how radio worked in the old days.


What is their role?

I think their important role is to share different genres and styles of music that wouldn’t necessarily be heard on mainstream radio. Especially when mainstream radio and most live shows are run by corporations and conglomerates these days.


And what is your message to these stations that have been at the foundation of most artists’ careers?

I seriously hope they keep doing what they are doing. College radio helped my band INXS break the US market, and I know it continues to do so all these years later and give a voice for many other artists.


Andrew Farriss solo, self-titled, debut album drops May 15th, 2020

Photo of Andrew Farriss’s Album Cover

Above Photo Credit to Kiki Kiana

Cover Photo Credit to Wes Whitworth