Americans Grow Restless While Quarantined

Written by on February 17, 2020

By Peter Zezas

Over 300 Americans are being quarantined at military bases in California and Texas for the next Two weeks.
The quarantine originated on a cruise ship known as the “Diamond Princess”. The U.S. arranged an evacuation of these people due to being at a high risk to an entirely new virus spreading in Asia.
14 of the 300+ quarantined have tested positive for Coronavirus. Although positive, they were allowed on the evacuation plane and kept isolated from the rest of the passengers.
The State Department confirms these people have the virus but don’t show symptoms. Some Americans don’t feel eased by this.
Matthew Smith saw another passenger talking to someone without a face mask and tweeted about it Sunday. He states “If there are secondary infections on board, this is why.” Also saying, “and you wanted me to get on a bus with her?”
Matthew chose to stay in the Diamond Princess rather than go through a second quarantine. Some, on the other hand, are happy to be moving at all.
Cheryl Molesky stated to a Japanese TV station earlier, “It’s just a little bit disappointing that we’ll have to go through quarantine again, and we will probably not be as comfortable as the Diamond Princess, possibly.” But she added, “We are glad to be going home.”
It is unclear where the 14 people who tested positive for the virus will be housed compared to the rest of the passengers.
Travis Air Force Base and more than 200 Americans who have been there since early February await for more to join them.
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