Alvvays Concert Review

Written by on October 3, 2018

Alvvays Concert Review

by Mike Stringham


I saw Alvvays at Warsaw in Brooklyn last night, but ironically enough I went to the wrong venue first, but then realized it was at good ol’ Warsaw; the home of fresh pierogies and live music. I was on the guest list thanks to Mercury East Presents, and my +1 couldn’t come to this SOLD OUT stacked lineup, so I brought someone in with me who was trying to buy a ticket from a passerby. They asked if I wanted money or a beer for the ticket and I declined with a big “no thanks, have a great time and enjoy the show”.


Anyway, I got there right in time to catch the second act, Snail Mail; who put out a great album earlier this year; Lush. They were good, the crowd was lame! The crowd was really loud and talking the entire time, which if you’re going to a concert – are you there to talk? Or are you there to watch and listen to the people playing in front of you, that you paid to see? Maybe, I’m an old concertgoer at this point in my life, and am peeved at the littlest of things, but there should be some sort of concert etiquette, right? Oh well. After Snail Mail, I found some old friends of mine to talk with and stand by for Alvvays too, (it’s always nice to see people you like at shows).


Alvvays brought it though, as they ALVVAYS do. Basically playing 3/4 of their entire discography, it was well worth traveling to Brooklyn to see them. Of course, the crowd got rowdy and excited when fan favorites “Archie, Marry Me”, “In Undertow”, “Dreams Tonight” and “Party Police” (my personal favorite) came on. Needless to say, this band rules, this venue rules (BUY THE PIEROGIES), and they deserve to have three sold-out shows in a row at Warsaw. If you’re going to see them at the other shows, prepare to be a little bit sweaty and a little bit happier than you were before you came to the show.



Atop a Cake
In Undertow
Plimsoll Punks
Lollipop (Ode to Jim)
Not My Baby
Forget About Life
Your Type
Adult Diversion
Archie, Marry Me
Dreams Tonite
Party Police
Next of Kin
Remember This(Dolly Mixture cover)
Saved by a Waif