Album Review: Warm Glow by Hippo Campus

Written by on January 29, 2018

By: Connor Faleski

Warm Glow is the newest EP from St. Paul, Minnesota’s own Hippo Campus. The band comes through with three new songs, which I can only assume are tracks that didn’t make it onto the band’s debut album Landmark: an album that surpasses others of that genre by working as a cohesive whole, with the band really trying to showcase their abilities not only as musicians, but as songwriters by creating an album that needs to be listened to from beginning to end. Warm Glow instead works as a showcase for each individual song. No larger statement is being made with this EP, and that doesn’t act as a detriment.

What you get is three lavishly recorded songs, jam-packed with dreamy melodies and some head bopping worthy grooves. A real standout performer in this EP is Zach Sutton, Hippo Campus’ bassist, and in particular his performance on the song “Baseball”. The tone is thick, the groove is impeccable, and he takes what could have been just a run of the mill Hippo Campus song and turns make it memorable. While these songs are not treading any new ground for the band, Warm Glow again proves that they are worthy of their new fame. Judging by their musical talents, any musical foray they decide to embark on will be worth listening to.

Rating: 8/10