Album Review: The House by Porches

Written by on February 12, 2018

Porches most recent LP titled The House is the perfect soundtrack to a chill evening spent just where the name intends. If you can picture lying in bed late at night with the lights dimmed and the volume turned up, then you can enjoy a track like “Now the Water” which takes on the pleasingly aesthetic tone of a lead upbeat rhythm accompanied by softer undertones. If you can picture a group of friends crowded in a basement with mixed drinks in hand, then you can revel in a song like “Anymore” that has just the right amount of club vibes mixed with the eccentric atmosphere of a house party.

Though somewhat monotonous at times due to similarly stylized songs, this album has an overall satisfying and pleasant sound, especially during moments when gradually intensifying tracks like “Ono” add a vibrant contrast to the slower pace of the record. Either way, The House offers an enjoyable experience and is refreshing to the ears.