Album Review: Tennis’ “Yours Conditionally” (2017)

Written by on March 29, 2017

By: Pam Burrows

Yours Conditionally is the fourth studio album from the band Tennis, made up of married couple, Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley from Denver, Colorado. The music on this album is reminiscent to the band’s previous works, as it is very calm, quiet, and easy to listen to. 2011’s Cape Dory served as their first album, and was written about the couple’s eight-month vacation at sea after their wedding. Yours Conditionally was similarly written from a boat, as the two sailed through the Sea of Cortez in California. While not giving off as much of a seafaring, nautical vibe as Cape Dory did, the musical stylings of the soft, indie pop sound are still quite present. Moore’s light, melodic voice carries this album from the first to the final tenth track. The use of synthesizers, organs, and guitars gives this album a feeling of being from an older, different time. The overall feel of this album really has more of a slower, relaxed sound. Songs like “In the Morning I’ll Be Better,” “Please Don’t Ruin This for Me,” and “My Emotions Are Blinding” have titles that tell a sad story. As for the actual music behind the song titles, again, they seem a little bit more melancholic than the duo has gone for in the past.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to one of Tennis’ sold out NYC shows. Seeing them live was really special, Moore and Riley accompanied by their touring band were very lively, friendly to the crowd, and sounded great. Keyboards, synths, guitar, bass, and drums were all present, just like on the album. They had a cool and colorful light show, and the audience was extremely receptive. In all, I would say keep an eye out for Tennis. This is a band that’s starting to get very popular, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they started playing more sold out venues in the future.