Sweetener Album Review

Written by on October 19, 2018

Reviewed by Stacy Fernandez

Sweetener by Ariana Grande is a refreshing and creative album that gives music a new definition. She gives her fans a taste of her wicked range, creativity and personality. This album is an amazing combination of Pop and R&B. My three personal favorites are “breathin”, “NTLTS” and “everytime”. The first two tracks speak about overcoming anxiety and taking over the world a step at a time. The third track speaks about the ex we keep going back to and we do not know why. People who enjoy listening to music written in a genius form and in genres such as Pop and R&B, will definitely enjoy this album.

My only critique is that she did not make this album sensitive to religious listeners. She definitely lost a lot of fans after she released “God is a Woman”. Just the title gives you an idea of what the song is going to be about and most listeners were not for it. Nonetheless, I give this album a 4 star rating since her songs do not sound “standard” and she offers her fans refreshing and catchy beats with harmonic melodies. This album is great for any occasion since it’s very versatile. Once again, Ariana Grande set the bar high with this album, making it a challenge for any other artists in the Pop industry. I recommend you take a listen to hear what you’re missing out on. -SJ

Rating: 4/5 stars

Highlights: “breathin,” “NTLTS,” and “everytime”