Album Review: Raleigh (Promotional)

Written by on October 20, 2017

By Jess Metcalf

RALEIGH’s promotional album only has two songs on it, however after the two songs I want to hear the whole album. The first song, Costume Party, is a bit of a slower song. However it picks up and is catchy, it’s a song you could listen to on a road trip somewhere. It is different from normal top 40 music, but is still very enjoyable. I recommend that you should at least listen to even if the genre of music is not your cup of tea. The second song on the album was definitely my favorite song out of the two. The song, Ivy, was a bit faster pace and had a more upbeat type of sound than costume party had. Ivy is the cover of Frank Ocean’s song Ivy. They are both two different type of sounds to the same song. There is a significant difference between the two versions of the song, and in my opinion I like the cover better.