Album Review: Blue Light Bandits

Written by on April 10, 2018

by Charlie Hilfiker

Blue Light Bandits’ self-titled album is a fresh and relaxing album. Fans of John Mayer will enjoy similar vibes off of Blue Light Bandits’ album. The lead singer’s voice is reminiscent of A Great Big World. This album is a nice combination of Rock, Pop, and R&B. My personal favorites are “Back in Town” and “A Little Love.” These tracks are upbeat, and I enjoy the funky guitar particularly in “Back in Town.” People who enjoy the Rock/Pop genre will enjoy this album, with its reggae and soul influence.

My only critique is that, especially after listening to the album many times, some of the songs feel a little unoriginal, like a standard rock/pop song I’d hear in the background and not think twice about. Nevertheless, I really enjoy some of the songs (specifically “Back in Town” and “A Little Love”). They’re fun and upbeat. They make great background music, whether you’re doing work, cooking, cleaning, driving, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if Blue Light Bandits became a popular and successful band, so check them out if you’d like to be ahead of the curve.