Action Bronson Review

Written by on May 1, 2019

By Jackson Yeake

Action Bronson performed at the Wellmont theater on Wednesday April 24th. He was accompanied by Meyhem Lauren, an artist which I had never heard of before. I have only ever been to the Wellmont on one other occasion when I was 10 and vaguely remember it. That being said I was very impressed by the size, audio systems, and lighting of the venue. The crowd consisted of mainly older people, around 30-40 which I found to be interesting. Overall the vibe of the concert was odd but it worked very well and produced a very enjoyable show.

I first heard about Bronson about three years ago. I don’t listen to his music religiously but enjoy that he found his own spot in the rap game that supports his style. His personality really shined through in his performance. He was wearing a dirty t-shirt and continually made hand gestures up to the sky (shown below). At the end of the day, Action Bronson does not only perform as a rapper but as a personality 9/10.