AC/DC Announces New Album?

Written by on October 5, 2020

By: Kyle Pepitone

AC/DC Announces New Album?

Are you ready? That’s the question Australian rock giants AC/DC have been asking their fans
recently as they are getting ready to announce something big.

Nearly 6 years after their last album, Rock or Bust, and 4 years since the end of the tour of the
same name, the band seems to be coming out with a new album very soon. This isn’t anything
new though, rumours of a new AC/DC album have been circulating since 2018 when singer
Brian Johnson and drummer Phil Rudd were seen exiting a recording studio together in
Vancouver. According to Toronto Sun, AC/DC recorded their last 3 studio albums as well as
their 1990 album, The Razor’s Edge, in Vancouver. Since then more and more details seemed
to be pointing to the band reuniting.

In January 2019, lead singer Brian Johnson, who had previously quit AC/DC in 2016 due to
hearing loss, told the band Terrorizer that he was indeed back in the band and was “sick of
denying it. Fast forward one month to when music historian Eddie Trunk said on a US broadcast
that another AC/DC album was on the way featuring music from the late Malcom Young. Finally
in April, the band’s veteran sound engineer Mike Fraser went on record to say the band was
working on something in the studio. quotes Fraser with saying, "I could say
that we've been in the studio doing something," he said. "What's come of that I can't discuss

Other than back to back 40th anniversary celebrations for Highway To Hell and Back In Black,
the rest of 2019 and early 2020 have been relatively quiet. That is until last week when on
September 28th the band replaced all their posts on instagram with a single video, a flickering
neon sign of AC/DC’s iconic lightning bolt. As of October 5th, 2020, the band has posted five
more times, the latest post being a clip of a song with the caption “‘SHOT IN THE DARK.’ THE
The hashtag PWRUP has also been attached to each post on social media as well as on the
band’s new website leading many to believe that the hashtag will be the name of the album.

Although nothing has been officially said, rumours are circulating that the album will drop in