A New Baseball Season Is Coming

Written by on February 23, 2023

By Adarlin Batista


American League wants to hit a new record after 62 home runs in 2022.

Aaron James Judge, an American professional baseball outfielder for the New York Yankees was voted the American League MVP, the new captain, after breaking Roger Maris’ AL record of 61 homers, set in 1961. Last year, Judge appeared in 157 major League games hitting 62 home runs as a Right fielder position.

According to MLB, The New York Yankees have re-signed four-time All-Star and 2022 American League Most Valuable Player OF Aaron Judge to a nine-year Major League contract extending through the 2031 season, in which he agreed to a $360 million and the nine-year contract with the Yankees. On February 21, he was asked if he could hit those 62 home runs or more for this season, and he said, “We’ll see. You never know,” he said after the Yankees’ first full-squad workout on Monday. “I don’t really like putting a number on it. I just kind of like going out there and trying to control what I can control, but you never know what could happen. So, we’ll see about 62.”

Judge has considered the team’s 16th captain starting this new season. “Last year was fun chasing history and having those moments,” Judge said. “Every time we play in New York I feel like you’re chasing history. It’s never a cakewalk in the Bronx, that’s for sure. You have to embrace those challenges.” While he does not define any expectations to the public, he goes for more of the 62 home runs and brings the championship back to New York.”

In baseball’s history, nothing has been continuous. Babe Ruth hit 60 homers for the 1927 Yankees and followed with 54 in 1928. Roger Maris hit 61 in 1961 and had 33 in 1962. Then, these three players, Bonds, Sosa, and McGwire broke Babe Ruth and Roger Maris’ single-season record of 60 homers in 154 games. Now, Judge chased down these legendaries of Yankees.

The Yankees have failed to win a World Series since 2009 and have not made it past the ALCS in that time. In response, Judge said, “There’s a lot unfinished” His new role will keep him focused on the goal. He was asked if there is a gold glove award and he said, “Not yet, probably in a couple of years later down the road, but we will get the World Series first” His work brought him to this position, and he will keep the line moving.