2023: The Year to Expand Our Music Library

Written by on January 25, 2023

What is up guys, gals and non-binary pals! I believe that the year 2023 is the year about discovery and finding new things in life that make us happy. One way that we can do that is by discovering new up and coming queer artists. Let’s expand our music library and add a little bit more queerness into them! Here are my top 5, in no particular order, queer artists that deserve that spotlight.

By: David Velasco


Artist: Villano Antillano

Pronouns: She, Her

Puertorican trans icon Villano Antillano has made waves in the Latin rap genre with her collaboration with Bizzarrap’s Music Session, Vol. 51. Her flow and lyricism is unmatched, you can really hear that in her latest album drop, La Sustancia X. I believe that she will be the top Latin rap artist of 2023!

You can check out her socials here!

Instagram: @villanoantillano

Twitter: @villanomalandro


Artist: ARIŌN

Pronouns: They, Them

Non-binary singer-songwriter ARIŌN deserves their flowers. They have put out amazing songs, especially their latest song “I COME” produced by XJB with a club edit that for sure sounds awesome in the club. This electro-pop song is a great way to start your night out to the gay club with your besties. With an EP already out titled Expectations, I cannot wait to hear what other music they put out this year.

You can check out their socials here!

Instagram: @just_arion

Twitter: @just_arion_


Artist: SAFIRE

Pronouns: She, They

If you love listening to grunge, metal, pop songs, then you would love listening to SAFIRE. The British singer has a very cool and unique take on gunge pop. You can really hear it in her latest drop “Angels &  Demons” where she talks about battling with her inner demons. I cannot wait to listen more in the upcoming year.

You can check out her socials here!

Instagram: @safireisking


Artist: SH!NER

Pronouns: He, Him

If you are into alternative rock bands, then you’re in luck! Independent Los Angeles based queer artist Sh!ner sings proudly about his queerness in his music, especially in his song “Blindside” where he talks about his realization of his queerness. Listen to his latest single “10 11 12 (The Sky Is Falling).” *

You can check out his socials here!

Instagram: @sshinerr

Twitter: @shinersounds


Artist: Michael White

Pronouns: He, Him

If you love pop music then you will definitely love to listen to Michael White’s new album “Butterfly Love.” He describes himself, “If Ariana Grande & Khalid had a baby” on his Twitter bio, and you can definitely hear that in his music.

You can check out his socials here!

Instagram: @michaeljwhitemusic_

Twitter: @michaeljwhite__


Photos from Amazon Music

*Photo from xshinerx.com