2019 MSU Winter Ball Critique

Written by on December 4, 2019

By Sarah Adewolu

            The evening of Saturday, November 23 is a night that will never be forgotten. Student Life at Montclair (SLAM) organized the 2019 Winter Gala held at the Cosmopolitan, the “surprise mystery” location for this year’s Winter Ball event.


Located in Wayne, the Cosmopolitan is a fancy wedding venue that caters to many events, including banquets, birthday parties, and wedding receptions. The ballroom was large enough to fit more than 100 students, including SLAM members who helped organize the event and reserved the wonderful ballroom as a place to enjoy the food, music, and dancing.


The food was served in a buffet style, which I enjoyed the most. The main meals were pasta, grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, salad, jerk chicken, and some appetizers which included fruits, cheese, and salad. There was also an open bar for anyone (such as myself) who is over the age of 21. I am not a fan of drinking alcoholic beverages, so I only requested for ginger ale and water.


The most exciting moment of the night was dancing, besides the great food. For the rest of the night, the DJ played a lot of popular songs that everyone was eager to dance to. One of my favorite songs that the DJ played was “Drogba (Joanna)” by artist Afro B, which is a very popular song I have heard multiple times before hearing it again at the Winter Ball. I could tell that everyone liked that song as well as they were dancing to the beat.


The Winter Ball was a wonderful way to spend some quality time with friends and enjoy some great food and music before the Thanksgiving break. I saw plenty of familiar faces at the dance (friends I knew from classes and other campus organizations), so I never felt alone, even though I came by myself without a plus one. I even made friends with a girl on the bus that I was in.


The dance was also the best way to spend a good Saturday evening and a great conversation starter to the question, “How was your weekend?”