Wild Life Visits Queens, New York

Wild Life Visits Queens, New York

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Written and Photos By: Juan Contla

When you think of electronic music the first thought that comes to mind is raging crowds, LED light shows, and a DJ booth. While the scene is known for their rather wild crowds, British electronic duo Disclosure, comprised of brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence offer something a little different from what is the traditional electronic music show.

Disclosure are more known for performing with their instruments in their solo booths where they replicate their tracks as if they were in the studio jamming out, and that’s what they brought to Forest Hills Stadium this past weekend when “Wild Life” came to Queens, NY. Supporting acts included Justin Jay, Dusky, Mobb Deep, and Anderson. Paak.

Opening up with their hit “White Noise” from their debut album Settle, Disclosure were able to perform all their big hits including music from their latest album, Caracal, “Nocturnal”, “Omen”, “Holding On” and many more. What makes their music so different from other acts is the continuing of performing even when the vocalist isn’t present, Disclosure are known for having wide genres of vocals in their tracks from pop and urban to folk. However, the duo does jump on vocals every now and then as featured in tracks such as “F For You”, “Jaded”, and many others.

As a touch of something new they performed new track “Boss” from their latest EP titled Moog For Love. The Queens crowd would also be treated to a special performance of “Moving Mountains” accompanied by vocalist, Brendan Reilly, before Disclosure ended their set with their 2013 triple platinum track “Latch”.

The sibling duo draw a different crowd that would occupy most nightclubs in New York City on a Saturday evening. With their music so commercially successful and having played festivals such as Firefly and Coachella; it was no surprise the stadium that has hosted The Rolling Stones, Barbara Streisand, The Beatles and many other legendary acts was filled to the top. Since Forest Hills Stadium doesn’t have an age range, show goers ranged from their 50’s to 13 years of age attending their very first concert. From beginning to end their performance was something different than any other show, something that could only be described as the sensation of feeling every keyboard touch and cymbal crash.

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