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Nick Perkel


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Hey, whats up? If you don’t know me, this is Japan Nick. I’ve been WMSC ‘s resident old-school heavy metal DJ since 2010. I was also their metal director until 2011, when I won DJ of the Year. I have been published in Blabbermouth, Brave Words, the Aquarian Weekly and a number of heavy metal zines such as Headsplit Magazine (Portland, Ore.), Soulgrinder Zine (Allentown, Pa.) and Bulldozer Magazine (Calif.). Here at WMSC, I run an extreme music program which ranges from hard rock to, all forms of heavy metal to stoner/psychedelic music. I try to conduct frequent interviews with notable underground musicians from all over the US and sometimes internationally. You can check out my soundcloud page for my archives, like my stuff on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. If you want to find out more about me, check out this killer interview I had with the Montclarion, the school newspaper of Montclair State University.


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