Rubio Falls

Rubio Falls

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

by Christopher Hernandez

On last night’s Super Tuesday, Five States voted on the Republican side and Democratic side. Both Ohio and Florida were “winner takes all” states meaning the winner got all the delegates. For Marco Rubio and John Kasich they need to win their home states.

In Illinois Donald Trump beat Ted Cruz with 38.8% to Cruz’s 30.3%. In Missouri, Trump barely beat out Cruz with 40.8% to Cruz’s 40.6%. In North Carolina Trump beat Cruz 40.2% to Cruz’s 36.8%.

In Ohio Kasich needed to win with 46.8% to Trump’s 35.6% making this Kasich’s first win and invigorating his campaign. In Florida Rubio had a very disappointing loss pulling in only 27% of all the votes to Trump’s 45.7%. In Florida, over a million people voted for Trump. Trump also won a massive 99 delegates from Florida as well getting him closer to the 1,237 needed to secure the nomination.

Shortly after his loss in Florida and weak turnout in the other four states, Marco Rubio formally suspended his campaign leaving only three GOP candidates left. The current delegate count is 646 for Trump, 397 for Cruz, and 142 for Kasich.

On the Democratic side Senator Bernie Sanders had one of his worst nights yet failing to win a single state. The current delegate count is 1599 for Hillary Clinton and 844 for Sanders.